The Monsters Without has been nominated for a Golden Stake Award at the International Vampire Film and Arts Festival running this June 22nd through 24th, in Cardiff, Wales! Our screening is to be held on Friday the 24th at 7pm at the Chapter Arts.
The Aswang will represent Filipino vampirism in this battle for vampiric dominance, following in the footsteps of previous winner Matthew Abaya's Vampariah.
Look forward to the results, to be announced June 24th at the awards ceremony hosted by author and film scholar Kim Newman!

A critical but honest review with plenty of good things to say. Once again it's mentioned that even with some low-budget style shortcomings the movie is big on charm and "kept me watching"!
"This Philippine film is far from perfect but it is not fatally flawed, indeed it has a lot of charm [...] it really does a nice job at introducing certain Philippine folklore themes to an international audience"
"The film crams loads of ideas in and has a lot to say around ecosystems and eco-exploitation, as well as having something to say about immigrant integration and the continuing impact of colonialism. It also has an LGBT friendly viewpoint [...] it kept me watching and was definitely imaginative."

From the website:
Representing the Philippines in the XVIII Fantaspoa, we will have the fantasy "Monsters and Humans". Directed by Randal Kamradt, the film uses elements of Filipino folklore to build a fun adventure about the invasion between beings and men. "Monsters and Humans" will be represented in Fantaspoa by director Randal Kamradt and producers Maria "Malou" Kamradt and Randal Kamradit Sr.
The 18th Fantaspoa will take place, in a hybrid form (with in-person sessions and part of the online programming) between April 15th and May 1st. More info on sessions and times coming soon!
The XVIII Fantaspoa is a presentation by the Ministry of Tourism, the Fantaspoa Productions and the Ling Institute, and has sponsorships from Banricard and Crown Packages.
Screening Details:
Venue: Capitol Cinematheque
R. Demétrio Ribeiro, 1085 - Centro Histórico, Porto Alegre - RS, 90010-311, Brazil
04/23/2022 - 16:00 - Saturday
04/26/2022 - 20:00 - Tuesday - Commented session with Filipino producer, director and screenwriter Randal Kamradt Jr. and Filipino producers Maria Luna Kamradt and Randal Kamradt Sr.
Really insightful review here from Film Blitz, check it out!
"What you get here seems to be a mix of Phillipino folklore, stuff from other sources and entirely new fabrication. In the first category, for example, would be a woman which can separate herself at the waist, the top half flying away. Don’t see that every day. Then, there’s the sequence where the PHASE team visit a Yablo village, and end up doing karaoke with them. As you do. At times, this feels like an episode of Mighty Morphing Power Rangers – you may view that as a good or bad thing – though at others, it’s surprisingly mature. Deadpan humour? Sure. Earnest messages about tolerance? Why not. It doesn’t all work, to be clear. Yet it’s the kind of film where too much is better than not enough, and this definitely skews in the right direction. "
"There’s a lot of scope in this universe for exploration, with PHASE acting like MONARCH from the Godzilla movies. Every country has its own mythology which could be mined for future entries: conceivably everything from banshees to werewolves and centaurs could be fair game."

Not the most positive review, but with all the praise we've been getting it's important to have some dissenting voices!
"-two things the film has going for it are its locations and cinematography.  The locations are well photographed and lend authenticity to the production."
"I will give props to the main bad guy’s practical effects."
"As someone who grew up learning (and being spooked) by the creatures in Filipino folktales, I was both amused and thrilled to see them come to life and dominate the movie in different ways. Whether they were party animals within a local tribe or intimidating like Nameless, I enjoyed being immersed in this vibrant world because all of the visuals were beyond my imagination."
"-I found myself glued to my seat until the very end. Not to mention, the lush green backdrop and jungle of the Philippines helped audiences feel like a real expedition."
"While the plot gets fairly complicated at certain points during the film’s runtime, the director does a great job of marrying the themes of conflict, adventure, love and sexuality into the storyline. The film also draws inspiration from real aspects of Filipino folklore, thus giving it substantial cultural significance. Kamradt skillfully manages to inject plenty of good humor into the plot, which helps to give the otherwise wonderfully eerie film a good dose of comical quality."
"-a riveting film that all Fantasy fans should definitely get to watch."
Instagram Live w/Matthew Abaya
One week before showing in person at Another Hole in the Head film festival, writer/director Randal Karmadt talks to 'Vampariah' writer/director Matthew Abaya about filmmaking, Filipino mythology, and more! Later they are joined by star Jake Macapagal.
"With the word monsters in the title, there’s a genuine horror vibe that flows throughout the film, but there is also a lot of comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, action, and adventure elements too. It’s a film that packs so much into its 88-minute runtime that, due to some well-organized direction, it never drags and is constantly moving forward."
"I also need to highlight the great work by special make-up effects artist Jacqueline Holden who, despite working with a tight budget, manages to create some excellent creature effects using make-up and costumes."
Concerning Director Randal Kamradt, his background, and his short film project 'No Dogs'. Touches partially on the filming of The Monsters Without.
"TF: How did you become a filmmaker? What types of films do you like to make?
RK: I can barely remember ever wanting anything other than to be a filmmaker. It’s basically a childhood dream. My story that I tell is that I loved old Godzilla movies as a kid, and one day I asked my father how they got made and who it was that made such wondrous things. He said the director makes the film, and I latched onto that."
Rise & Shine w/FilAm Creative
Interview with writer/director Randal Kamradt, producer Malou Kamradt and star Leonard Olaer
Star FM Baguio Philippines
Interview with Randal Kamradt writer/director of 'The Monsters Without'
LAAPFF2021: The Monsters Without...on Monsters and Guano

With Randal Kamradt, Jake Macapagal, and Malou Kamradt

"Also screened was feature film 'The Monsters Without' a feature film shot entirely in the Philippines, with Manila actor Jake Macapagal as the star along with a host of other Filipino American actors and talents. Randal Kamradt also directed the film."
"[T]here is an impressive amount of affinity for the world of The Monsters Without, from the practical makeup effects to the icky visuals of its shape-shifters. It’s obviously done on a shoestring budget, but Kamradt takes the audience on a whirlwind ride through the Philippines and the fantastic beasts of its legends and where to find them."
"Despite its penchant for broad visual gags, the film also manages to craft some genuinely inspired moments in its journey, commenting on broader social issues with the country and the world."

"[ Trese ] wasn’t for the faint of heart or stomach, which limits the audience for it. Luckily, in comes Aswang Entertainment with The Monsters Without, a campy romp through Filipino folklore that’s about as scary as Ghostbusters."
"Team leader Setsuko (Christina Yr. Lim) and new recruit Miranda (Jessica Neistadt) felt especially well-crafted. [...] [T]he jokes and comedic timing were fantastic"

 "It’s a loving tribute to the monster films of the 80s. Anyone who thinks we don’t have enough Filipino genre style films will be in for a treat."
"I’m hoping for a sequel after this film gets picked up for a proper theatrical release after its debut at this festival. I wouldn’t be surprised for WELL GO USA to pick up the title[.]"
"For this reviewer, a most impressive element of The Monsters Without is the quality of the variety of monsters on display. Most are done with practical effects and run the gamut from fun-looking to downright eerie."
"The Monsters Without has a big heart behind it. It should press the nostalgia buttons for viewers who grew up watching TV series like Monsters and Goosebumps and movies such as The Monster Squad, and it has the potential to introduce the rest of the world to a bevy of supernatural beasts from The Philippines." 
Pacific Rim Video Press
Interview with Jake Macapagal, Randal Kamradt, and Malou Kamradt
(Video Below)

With Jake Macapagal, Randal Kamradt, and Malou Kamradt

9-27-2021: ShoPowSho Interview with director Randal Kamradt and star Jake Macapagal

Filipino Filmmakers | LAAPFF 2021 Edition
With director Randal Kamradt, makeup artist Jacqueline Holden, and actress Georgina Tolentino of "No Dogs"
(Video Below)

With Randal Kamradt, Jaqueline Holden, and Georgina Tolentino

GMA Regional TV Live
With director Randal Kamradt and sound designers Jan Domino & Alain Lee Godornes
(Video Below)

With Randal Kamradt, Jan Domino & Alain Lee Godornes

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